Ambassador Program

What is a Chamber Ambassador?
Ambassadors are a group of professionals from various backgrounds whom are extremely important to the success of the Chamber. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the Chamber and its members in order to encourage meaningful participation in the Chamber’s programs and services. The goal of Chamber Ambassadors is to build member commitment and increase member retention. Ambassadors are responsive to members’ needs while reinforcing the values of Chamber membership.

Why become a Chamber Ambassador?
Being an Ambassador is an opportunity for both you and your employer. Ambassadors gain exposure by being the first to meet new Chamber members while putting their company’s name in the forefront. By volunteering at Chamber events and attending the monthly meetings, the Ambassador’s business is always involved in current community events, and always visible at Chamber functions.

What is required of a Chamber Ambassador?
Ambassadors support the work of the Chamber of Commerce, for one year (with an option to renew), by:
• Promoting the chamber in the community;
• Making members feel comfortable at Chamber functions;
• Attending monthly Ambassador meetings;
• Encouraging new members’ involvement in Chamber programs, through personal visits;
• Ensuring that the Chamber is meeting the new members’ individual needs;
• Attending grand openings, ribbon cutting, and other community events as may be required.

How do I become a Chamber Ambassador?
If you’re a Chamber member who wants to make new contacts and help others gain business exposure and share the benefits and excitement of Chamber membership, download the application form here, and send it via email to the Timmins Chamber of Commerce.