Chamber History

The Timmins Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1949 when a group of local businessmen, led by Dr. J.B. McClinton, undertook the initiative to form the Porcupine Chamber of Commerce. It began with an overall goal of securing the future of northern Ontario and pushing the area in terms of growth and prosperity.  Since then, the Chamber has since expanded its mandate to include advocating for business interests, lobbying for the growth and economic stability of the region and hosting various networking events. Chamber highlights over the years include involvement in the creation of the Timmins airport, Tourism Information Centre, museum, and the Timmins Economic Development Corporation. 

For a complete list of the Timmins Chamber's past presidents, please see below:

Year  President
 2015-2016  Kurt Bigeau
 2014-2015  Al Thorne
 2013-2014  Phil Barton 
 2012-2013  Art Pultz
 2011-2012  Christine Leclair
 2010-2011  Gary Marriott
 2009-2010  Fred Gibbons
 2008-2009  Rob Galloway
 2007-2008  Marilyn Wood
 2006-2007  Ken Petersen
 2005-2006  Tom Laughren
 2004-2005  Dave Roberts
 2003-2004  Steve Kidd
 2002-2003  Fred Barabas
 2001-2002  Sandra Deem
 2000-2001  Kirby Williston
 1999-2000  Ross Stringer
 1998-1999  Pierre Corbeil
 1997-1998  Keith Mitchell
 1996-1997  Bonnie Foster
 1995-1996  John Bragagnolo
 1994-1995  Jim Thomson Jr.
 1993-1994  Don Wyatt
 1992-1993  Rick Gutcher
 1991-1992  Ralph Deleurant
 1990-1991  Brian Blahey
 1989-1990  Larry Brooksbank
 1988-1989  Kathy Chornyj
 1987-1988  Keith Alvey
 1986-1987  Robert Perry
 1985-1986  Roy Lindsay
 1984-1985  Dave Huggins
 1983-1984  Nick Bucar
 1982-1983  Bruce Del Guidice
 1981-1982  Graham Pope
 1980-1981  Barry McCusker
 1979-1980  Ron Bradshaw
 1978-1979  Mervyn Cauthers
 1977-1978  Marc Chenier
 1976-1977  John Huggins
 1975-1976  Peter Harrower
 1974-1975  Bill Robinson
 1973-1974  Don Grenville
 1972-1973  John Wilson
 1971-1972  Ruben Peterson
 1970-1971  Jack Helpert
 1969-1970  Ron Campbell
 1968-1969  Mert Lake
 1966-1967  William Scott
 1964-1965  Carmine Crocco
 1962-1964  Jim Wyatt
 1960-1961  Wyman Brewer
 1959-1960  E.A. Perry
 1958-1959  M.W. Bucovetsky
 1957-1958  W.S. Adamson
 1956-1957  J.E. Brunette
 1952-1956  Dr. J.B. McClinton
 1950-1951  J.B. Rooney
 1949-1950  George Knowles