Humanagement - Manage younger employees without pulling out your hair

Humanagement - Manage younger employees without pulling out your hair
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Date: 2/10/2016
Time: 3:00 PM TO 5:00 PM

76 McIntyre Road
Timmins, ON P0N 1G0


Event Description: Dealing with Millennials in the workplace can be challenging even for the most seasoned and astute managers. They’re just somehow different. They want different things, they’re motivated by different incentives, and they have different values. Different, however, does not mean bad. In fact, once the power of millennial workers is harnessed, it often leads to increased marketability and profit. This session is the first in an interactive, hands on, solution-oriented training series to help managers learn new approaches that make managing millennials in the workplace a whole lot easier and more rewarding for everyone. Session 1: Teaching them the skills to get it done Many employers express frustration over training their new young employees. These employers note that the new generation seems to believe they already know how to do it all. They want the Coles notes version of training manual, want to know exactly what they are expected to do/produce and expect to be able to check in for more information only when they need it, but at precisely the time they need it. Many employers state that they feel that they have to parent their young employees and feel that they walk a fine line between providing visual cues and reminders and having to ‘nag’ to get their young staff to meet the employment expectations. Session 2: Getting them to come to work - March 2 Session 3: Getting them to do the work and do it well - March 23 Session 4: Getting them to follow the rules and meet the expectations - April 13 Session 5: Harnessing all they have to offer - May 4 Register by calling Humanagement 705-365-8389 or online at
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