Member of the Month December 2012: Clearlogic Consulting Professionals

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12/1/2012 Press Release

With an eye for excellence and a personal investment in the success of Northern Ontario, Clearlogic Consulting Professionals is dedicated to giving the region’s communities and organizations a leg up.

“Timmins is a great community,” said Ron Leduc, co-owner of Clearlogic. “There are good people here, and there is significant opportunity.”

Though seemingly simple, Clearlogic’s mission to help organizations improve their performance is one that comes with a hefty workload.  It involves extensive research and consultations to identify an organization’s competitive advantages, and then defining and recommending those projects that forecast the best outcome for the organization.

This work is led by a small team of consultants– Leduc, Maggie Matear, and Andrea Griener – whose collective expertise in a wide array of fields allows for a complete, holistic approach to an organization’s health, said Leduc.

Combined with their individual experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors, their broad range of professional backgrounds makes for an equally varied menu of services.  This includes strategic planning, financial management, project management, training and facilitation, as well as marketing and branding, to name but a few.

“We really enjoy helping an organization reach their full potential,” said Leduc.
Having been based out of Timmins since its establishment in 2000, the Clearlogic team is fully aware of the many challenges of being located in the North, including regional obstacles in marketing and personnel recruitment, said Leduc.  By encountering and dealing with these issues themselves, they have a built-in advantage when addressing their main client base throughout Northern Ontario, which continues to grow and expand.

This growth has allowed Clearlogic to hire three new employees in the past year, all of them locals.  One of their new hires was a young person about to move away from Timmins for work.  Clearlogic believes that there are good people to hire locally: they just need to be found and their continued professional growth fostered.

“Timmins has a wealth of expertise, and our challenge is making people aware of that expertise and of how we can assist them.  We’ve got some world-class stuff here.”

This philosophy has also helped Clearlogic in its work with Northern communities, including the Town of Marathon and City of Timmins.  In their work with these organizations, Clearlogic helped identify local expertise and develop strategies to capitalize on community strengths.

This enthusiasm for the local community has proven a major advantage for Clearlogic, which has been hired by the City of Timmins to coordinate the implementation of the Timmins 2020 strategic plan.

With so many different groups rallying behind Timmins 2020, whether in dollars or skills, Leduc describes the project as not just a city initiative, but a community initiative.  Timmins 2020 has quickly broken free of the scepticism that sometimes surrounds such projects, and has become a rallying point for the city, its business, and its residents.

“The sentiment around any planning initiative tends to be that we’ll do a plan and stick it on a shelf.  This is clearly not that.  Everybody is participating in their own way.”

Clearlogic sets itself apart by developing plans that are not only based on sound research and stakeholder feedback, but that are also practical to implement.  Their team understands that, in order to keep a plan off the shelf, an organization needs identify their human, technical and financial resources, and ensure the plan is viable.  Clearlogic develops strategies that work within each client’s means, helping to ensure their success.  It’s all part of the Clearlogic customer service experience.

Clearlogic Consulting Professionals is located at 670 Airport Road, Suite 202 in Timmins.
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