Canadian Chamber network unveils top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness for 2013

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2/13/2013 Press Release

Ottawa, February 13, 2013—The national skills shortage remains one of the biggest barriers to Canadian business competitiveness, according to a new report issued yesterday by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Released through the nationwide network of chambers of commerce, including the Timmins Chamber of Commerce, The Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness for 2013 is an initiative undertaken last year to draw attention to the barriers that are holding back Canada’s progress. All levels of governments are being urged to swiftly act on these issues in order to increase Canada’s ability to compete globally.

This includes a renewed focus on fighting for action on the skills shortage, which stood as the Canadian Chamber network’s number one in issue in 2012, and which remains its primary focus in 2013. This will require that governments and businesses work collaboratively and aggressively in four key areas: upskilling, immigration policies, education-employment alignment, and Aboriginal education and workforce development.

“As Timmins businesses continue to face considerable workforce challenges, we must concur with the Canadian Chamber in its national call for action to be taken in addressing this mounting skills shortage,” said Art Pultz, president of the Timmins Chamber of Commerce.
“Solutions to this growing problem will not be easy, and we join the national call for creative, collaborative efforts in helping to ensure that our businesses are able to employ the people they need.”

Addressing the Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness will go a long way towards restoring Canada’s competitiveness, according to the Canadian Chamber. The Canadian Chamber network is calling on its membership, as well as governments, labour organizations, educators and others to tackle and overcome these barriers as “tolerating them is simply not an option.”

“The need for action is urgent,” said Canadian Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Perrin Beatty. “The standard of living of every Canadian depends on how well we respond to the challenge. We must identify and implement real, tangible solutions for breaking down the barriers to our competitiveness and for creating more opportunities and greater prosperity for Canadian businesses and families.”


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