Timmins one of Ontario's Top 10 most entrepreneurial cities: report

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10/31/2012 Press Release

Timmins’ rise on the national list as an entrepreneurial hotspot was the result of increases across the survey’s 14 indicator categories. Areas where Timmins stood out include the diversity of local industry, a rise in business start-ups, and the fact that self-employment accounts for 5.97 percent of the city’s total employment numbers.
These are strong figures that speak to the many advantages of doing business in Timmins, according to Timmins Mayor Tom Laughren.

"The City of Timmins is changing: the face, the economic outlook, the competitive global environment in which we live all present more opportunities than we have ever seen,” said Laughren.
“Timmins has not been affected by the global economic challenges that have plagued many other North American economies. Ours continues to be robust like never before and is of interest to many entrepreneurs who are looking for an investment-friendly community with a prosperous future."

Timmins also scored well in questions on quality of life, and in local expectations of stronger financial performance in the coming year. The survey also highlights Timmins businesses’ intentions to hire more full-time staff, something that’s reflected in the growing strength of the business community, according to Timmins Chamber of Commerce President Art Pultz.

“These rankings show that this city creates and attracts some of the most innovative and dedicated business minds in the world,” said Pultz. “Our membership is made up of some truly remarkable entrepreneurs, many of which have seen steady growth in recent months and years. It’s a testament to the unique qualities of our people and our city that Timmins is being recognized as one of the nation’s most vibrant business communities.”

Data used in this survey was gathered from Statistics Canada sources, as well responses from CFIB’s membership across Canada.

The Financial Post report can be viewed here. To view the CFIB survey, including the full rankings and source data, please click here


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