Member Milestone - The Mermaid Gallery: 25th anniversary

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9/15/2014 Member News

On September 12 and 13, The Mermaid Gallery celebrated its 25th anniversary by offering customers a chance to discuss products with manufacturer specialists, having free draws and giveaways, as well as holding a fundraiser barbecue with all proceeds given to local charities.

Denis Gélinas, owner of The Mermaid Gallery, took a few moments to answer questions about his experience doing in business in Timmins for the past 25 years.

Q: Provide a brief description of your business.
As the first bathroom showroom of acrylic bathtubs/showers and faucets in Timmins, Ontario. The Mermaid Gallery has since 1989, built a solid reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Under new ownership since 2007, The Mermaid Gallery has always thrived with a vision and passion to bring the best quality product at an affordable price. The Mermaid Gallery stands out as the exception in the industry with bench marking quality products and excellence in customer care that awe even the competition

Q: How many employees do you have?
We currently have five employees and plan on adding in the near future.

Q: What factors have helped you to successfully reach this particular milestone?
Excellent one-on-one customer service and well trained sales team.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment in business?
Expanding into the kitchen cabinet market.

Q: What’s one interesting thing about your business that people might not be aware of?
Keeping on top of the quick moving pace of trends and styles that might fit our market here in Timmins.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have overcome as a business to reach this milestone?
Getting to know and learn the Timmins and area market and demands.

Q: What has your experience doing business in Timmins been like thus far?
Business in Timmins is simple and straight forward. Be straight up, fair and honest.

Q: What can we expect from your business in the future? Are there any plans on the horizon you would like people to know about?
Another location is under review.

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